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Upholstering A Headboard

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Upholstering A Headboard

Upholstering A Headboard yourself is not really a difficult diy project and easier using a headboard kit that already has your headboard shape and foam cut to your design.

What we find amusing is that YouTube has many many examples of people showing you how Upholstering A Headboard or covering a headboard takes but a few minutes. Take a moment and look carefully at the space they have to complete the task, the additional tools available to them in the workshop. Now that’s the keyword “workshop”.

We are not saying it can’t be done, but before you rush into your project watch plenty of videos, and make loads of design notes. Our post on measuring a headboard has some very helpful tips.

Firstly you need a decent quality mdf board or similar that will allow you to staple close to the edges without splitting, once you have sourced your board it’s time to cut the shape. We advise a work bench for safety because your board is going to be big 8ft x 4ft, and it’s going to be heavy.

Unless you have been able to source a pre cut size some wood yards will cut to a certain size, ask them.

Cutting A Headboard

You are going to need a quality jigsaw with shape blades to cut out your headboard design, getting a clean cutting line for your headboard shape will pay dividends when it comes to the finished edge of your headboard once it’s covered in material.

upholstering a headboard staple gun

Upholstering a Headboard

Your headboard foam should be good quality 2″ upholstery foam fire retardant, not the foam they use for seating, that will make your headboard very hard to lean against.

Now lay the board on your headboard foam and trace round the edge, there are various foam cutting tools we recommend a foam hot knife, you can of course use a very shape knife with clean cutting strokes but not applying pressure to the foam you don’t want to compress it whilst cutting.

Getting a clean edge is important, otherwise you will be fighting the foam during the covering process and the finish will be bumpy round the edges, also allow an extra 2-4mm over your cut line.

2-4mm why, because when you staple your foam to the board it will compress a couple of mm and the remaining mm’s allow you to get a nice rounded finish to the edges. You could of course stick your foam to the board, but get it right first time, there’s no going back with glue it will rip chunks from the foam if you need to move it.

Covering A Headboard

Ready for the covering bit well almost, now if you have ever changed the cover on a mattress topper or the cushions covers on your sofa, you will know how hard it is to re fit the cover. Foam has a sticky type of consistence so your material just wants to stick to the foam, however there is a trick when covering your headboard, grab an old thin bedsheet and tack it over your foam, your material will now slide nicely over the foam.

When covering your headboard start from the centre point of your headboard mark top and bottom, now using your staple gun working towards the edges left and right, smoothing the material as you go, fold and staple your corners. Don’t forget to finish the back of your headboard, that old bedsheet you cut up earlier, will stop the dust getting caught in the fabric edges.

Remember you are going to need a suitable space (workshop) and sharp good quality tools to cut the wood and foam, make sure you have safety goggles when cutting the wood in a well ventilated room MDF creates a lot of dust during cutting. Please mind your fingers.

Or you could just order our diy headboard kit with everything pre cut and your ready to cover headboard design, follow our dvd (now online) headboard upholstery video. Job done……….