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New Bed Headboard

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New Bed Headboard

Firstly a New Bed Headboard warrants spending some serious money, and personally having recently purchased a new mattress, I can’t believe the difference it has made. Incidentally before you ask, I work in the industry, so I designed my own custom bed base.

During our recent experience, I could not believe how stuck in the past the major bed retailers/high street (sorry retail parks) are. Yes the sales person did show us a limited offering of overpriced headboards, quite amusing actually.

Like us you are probably going to be spending 100’s if not 1000’s, on the perfect mattress/base to aid a good nights sleep, money well spent. Then be confronted with a velour selection of mass produced covered headboards. Your new bedroom design deserves a great headboard idea.

Therefore my question is would you spend 100’s on an outfit/suit, then make do with a limited selection of accessories, scarf/handbag/tie/shirt that kind of match. Well I know I would not, and my wife would definitely have something to say about that. Having spent 100’s, I want to feel good about my purchase.

Headboard Choice

Normally for the price of a headboard from a bed retailer, Headboard Direct can cover a headboard with your choice of material. There are many retailers that sell fabric IkeaKath KidstonHeadboard Fabric Online.

Likewise a little web searching for “big town fabric material shop” or “big town curtain material shop”, obviously if you live in “big town” the suggested search term will work, you get the idea about changing some words.

Certainly don’t limit yourself to what you are offered in the shop, you are after all going to spend some considerably time with your New Bed Headboard, especially looking at the headboard. More so than any item of clothing.

Personally we have summer and winter headboards upholstered that match the curtains. During the seasonal changeover one headboard simple slides under the bed in a protective bag. Actually the same polythene protective bag and box we use when shipping headboards.

My wife matched one of the headboards to our winter curtains and had the headboard upholstered using the same material. The summer headboard pictured below, was a personal custom headboard request I made to one of our senior upholsterers.

The craftsmanship of the upholstered headboard is truly outstanding, a real statement, but still a functional headboard.