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Headboard Shapes

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Headboard Shapes

Back in 1995 when we first launched a website only the likes of Silentnight & Dreams had really impressive websites, but honestly our budget was a fraction of theirs and a very small fraction in contrast.

Our dilemma was how do we show our skills and designs to the world, the Internet was slow and loading lots of pictures to a page took for ever. Putting ‘for ever’ into perspective the first thing we did at work in the morning was turn the computer on, head for the kitchen and make a brew. In that time frame of boiling a kettle and getting back to our desks the computer would be just about ready, yes it was that slow.

The business had always be proactive at trade shows and brochure distribution, but our 30-50 headboard shapes needed to become a range available on the Internet, so we grouped our shapes together by various design elements and actually arrived at 16 shapes, that could be adapted. We still have the full range of shapes but they are now programmed into our computer controlled wood cutting machine.

Headboard Website Design

Although the website has seen various incarnations over the years, a major overhaul was long overdue. During this process last year, the design company pointed out that many companies are copying, and in some instances blatantly using our actually original graphics*.

Hence much discussion was had about copyright and the sending of take down request notices, but we took the stance that it’s better to be copied as a marketing leader, and in a way gratifying that we are noteworthy enough to be copied. Besides competition is good for business, makes you want to improve.

The surprising thing about our headboard shapes is that doing searches on social platforms like Pinterest and image search on Google – Bing for headboard shapes, our images can account for more than 40% of the results.

Headboard Shapes

Headboard Direct Alexander Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Belgrave Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Bonn Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Cavendish Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Cleveland Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Eccleston Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Finsbury Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Grosvenor Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Hanover Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Oxford Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Portman Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Redcliffe Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Regent Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Russell Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct Sloane Headboard ShapeHeadboard Direct York Headboard Shape

What is criminal are those that have attempted to change the image so as to disguise it’s use, by colouring it in, changing names of shapes. One company based in Canada even offers a headboard workshop course, based on our headboard shapes.

headboard shapes 1998

Original 1998 Shapes

DIY Shapes Cpoied

Headboard Shapes Copied

Shapes Copied

Headboard Shapes Copied

Headboard Shapes Copied

Headboard Shapes Copied

Interestingly Restyle Studio Toronto (coloured in image) have classified our shapes by skill level, which we certainly considered when we launched our DIY Headboards, but one of the team asked the question; “Why do you think people would not be capable of covering that shape?” after much umming and ahing we subsequently dropped the idea of classifying shapes, after all who are we to judge your upholstery skills.

Your New Bed

Finally you maybe on this page looking for headboard ideas, because you are considering a new look for the bedroom, and your trusty bed has served it’s purpose. Now in our opinion the major bed retailers/high street (sorry retail parks) are stuck in the past with a very limiting offering of overpriced headboards.

You are probably going to be spending 100’s if not 1000’s on the perfect mattress/base to aid a good nights sleep, money well spent. Then be confronted with a velour selection of mass produced covered headboards, my question is would you spend 100’s on a suit/outfit then make do with a limited selection of coloured accessories tie/shirt/handbag that kind of match. Well I know I would not. Having spent 100’s I want to feel good about my purchase.

Normally for the price of a headboard from a bed retailer, we can cover a headboard with your choice of material. There are many retailers that sell fabric IkeaKath KidstonHeadboard Fabric Online, a little web search for “big town fabric material shop” or “big town curtain material shop” obviously if you live in “big town” the suggested search term will work, you get the idea about changing some words.

Please don’t copy our graphics, or Headboard Direct will issue a legal take down notice. But if you ask and offer a link back to Headboard Direct that’s a much nicer approach.