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Headboard Pillowstop

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Headboard Pillowstop

Headboard Pillowstops date back to Egyptian times to stop head cushions falling from the bed. Ours attach to the legs and sit in-line with the mattress and it’s purpose is to stop your pillow sliding away and down the back of the bed overnight.

Headboard Pillowstop Fitting

Headboard Pillowstop

How many times have you woken in the morning to find that only half of your pillow is visible, or more annoying in the middle of the night you are involved in a tug of war with your headboard and mattress to get your pillow back.

The headboard pillowstop also adds extra rigidity because it screws to the front of the headboard legs and goes the full length of your mattress width.

Our headboard pillowstop are 150mm high by approximately 10mm in depth and its length is the width of your mattress, so our DIY Headboard Kit and our upholstered bespoke custom headboards are all supplied with a pillowstop.

We recommend covering the pillowstop for aesthetic reasons which could be in the same fabric or a plain contrast colour, a plain calico will work just as well.

Many companies charge extra for this simple addition to a headboard. We on the other hand believe it’s a fundamental part of a headboard to offering a good nights sleep.

pillowstop headboard direct front

Headboard Pillowstop Front

pillowstop back headboard direct

Headboard Pillowstop Back

In the above images you will notice the headboard fixing bolts are supplied taped into a special holding inset within the headboard legs, this is to stop any damage to the upholstery covered headboard from loose fixings during delivery. The location of the fixing points are industry standard as per the following chart.

Headboard Dimensions & Fixing Points

Headboard Leg Fixing Points (we work to UK standard bed sizing)

But as a guideline these measurements are centre to centre of the holes

Bed Size Width Imp Width CM Hole to Hole Centre
3 ft 3 ft 90 cm 610 mm
4 ft 4 ft 122 cm 915 mm
4 6 ft 4 6 ft 137 cm 1067 mm
5 ft 5 ft 152 cm 1219 mm
6 ft 6 ft 183 cm 1524 mm
Headboard Direct headboard dimensionsHeadboard Direct headboard dimensions height